Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preparing for Entrance

Praised be Jesus and Mary! Today is Thursday, August 20th... only two more days till Entrance! The emotions are abounding! I am very excited about being a little bride of Christ, but their are also many beloved people I will miss. I guess its good when its hard to say goodbye... because then you know you have loved and been loved...

Amanda is one of the girls entering who has been staying with me since Tuesday. She is also eighteen and is from Wisconsin. The other two girls are in their twenties. We will be picking up Tara tonight, and she is from Australia, and a real sweetheart! Friday night we will be picking up Valerie who is from St. Louis, Missouri. Friday will be our last night prior to Entrance, and we will all be staying together.

On Saturday we don't "officially" enter until 4pm. I believe we will be bringing in our things, changing into our "outfits", and having evening prayer and dinner with the Sisters. This first stage is called Candidancy--where we become more familiar with the community. On October 11th we will receive our little veils and will be entering the stage of Postlancy for about a year.

Please keep each of us in your prayers! God is so good to His little ones!!!


  1. Drisana, will there be a way to send mail to you at the convent? You should try and post that info before you enter. I will indeed be keeping all of you in my prayers!

    ~ Beth

  2. 6910 S. Ben Burr Road
    Spokane, WA 99223

    thats the address and I am pretty sure I can receive mail, but I am not sure on the restrictions on writing back! I think we will have certain times we can write back at first =)