Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Littlest Bride of Christ: Pledges

The Littlest Bride of Christ
My Lover, I pledge to Thee…
Obedience to my parents and other authority. Accepting what they ask without grumble--even when it seems impossible or humbling--and praying for and loving them.
Poverty through simplicity, and by our lifestyle right now at home, not being attached to any thing or person.
Chastity through practicing purity of mind and deeds, and loving others in this pure way, and most importantly, channeling that desire of love to others in a chaste way, by love of family, service for others, and other actions!
Community: My family and all of the Church, and her members!! Where I get to practice that chiseling of each other--which if accepted with love, can help on our paths to Holiness! To allow others to be before myself; "charity above self-righteousness." To be cheerful and giving [AND forgiving/asking for forgiveness], and to pray for them.
Apostolate of my school and friends. Being a good student in my studies, and being a good friend to those in need. To "preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary use words." Being a Witness to Christ where ever He puts me.
Charism of Love and desire to reach Heaven and to bring others with me, put to action in all pledges.
Clothed with the virtues. Wear my crucifix and scapular. My chains as a sign of my slavery to Jesus in Mary. To live in such a manner that people can see Christ when they see me...that it is HE that they are drawn to.

That is my life as a little bride of Christ right now. And writing that out, makes where I am planted now, seem so much more beautiful!!! How amazing is our most Sweetest Lover and Beloved Prince! Then, some day [God-willing and hopefully soon!!], I can live this life out as a Professed Religious, as a more true bride of Christ, and finally to someday live my life as a most true bride of Christ, at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, in complete union with the Lover we must desire complete union with!!!

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